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Different tones and shadows are used to effectively depict light, which is an elusive element for
some artists.

Consider the type of light (natural, artificial, bright or dull) and its source (from above, below or an angle). Lighting affects every aspect of your painting. Depicting soft light will result in gentle gradations of tone in your color from the source of light. The shadow from your soft light should also be soft. Depicting bright light will produce a more dramatic extreme of contrasts in color and a darker shadow.
Some artists are very interested in their lighting, seeking shadows and highlights with a vast range of tones between these two extremes from the source of the light all the way to the shadow.
Other artists concentrate more on patterns and colors to set a mood. There are no hard and fast rules, so many different “techniques” emerge from various artists.










Learn How To Paint With Betsi


Betsi’s lessons will help you find ways to use your skills to create treasures for your home and garden. Her greatest reward is sharing her experiences with you. Be sure to check out the sample lessons of the DVD. Just click on the red buttons on the left.

A Fun Painting Lesson with Betsi!
Complete this Acrylic Outdoor Painting below for your Garden, Patio, Courtyard, Fence, Pool or Terrace

Step by Step 170 Minute DVD Lesson


$25.00 Testimonial

Dear Betsi,
Hello and thank you -- I purchased your DVD and here is the end product! Dennis and I live in Palatka, FL and this bar is on our back deck. So when I finished the painting from the DVD, Dennis had a great idea to put it in the place where the boards were taken out!
Your DVD was very easy to follow. SO much fun. Thanks for sharing your talent!
Have a great day and again thank you for making painting fun and easy!

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